Special services

Whether you are an expectant mother or you have children who need to fly unaccompanied, you will find all of the necessary information here. Also there is information for those who have special medical needs or need wheelchair access.

Expectant Mother:

Fly Baghdad will accept expectant Mothers for travel up to the end of their 35th week of pregnancy conditioning that they present a medical certificate stating the number of weeks of the pregnancy and confirming the Expectant Mother is fit to fly. This certificate must be signed by a doctor and is valid for 7 days from issuance. We are unable to accept those Expectant Mothers once they reach the 36th week of their pregnancy, or in the case of those who are expecting a multiple birth after the end of their 32nd week and therefore all flights should be completed before this time is reached.

Travelling with Infants:

Infants (defined as being children under the age of 2 years) providing they are seated on the lap of the person accompanying them. Infants under the age of 2 weeks cannot be accepted for travel. Infants of 6 months up to 2 years may occupy a suitable and approved car-type safety seat and for which a separate seat must be purchased, at the applicable adult fare.

Infant Age Acceptance Condition
Below 48hrs (2 days): Infant will not be accepted under any circumstances.
From 3rd day to 6th day: Accepted with a Fit to Fly certificate for Infant or Indemnity form signed by the parent.
7 days or more: Accepted without any restriction

Travelling with Child:

Children of age 2 years and over must occupy their own seat for which they must pay the same fare as an adult.

Unaccompanied Minors:

Fly Baghdad do not accept children traveling unaccompanied under their 12th birthday. Passengers accompanying children should be above 18 years old.

Special Medical Needs:

We must be advised of any customer with special needs or a medical condition at the time of reservation. Customers with special needs are those whose mobility is reduced due to physical incapacitation whether this is sensory or locomotors, intellectual deficiency, age, illness or any other cause of disability. Please contact our Call Centers with details quoting the Confirmation Reference in order to obtain confirmation that we can accommodate the customer on their chosen flight(s). We are unable to accept those customers with a level of disability which needs the presence of a care assistant unless a care assistant is travelling with the customer. The care assistant will need to comply with the same obligations as all other customers.

Customers with a medical condition which may be exaggerated or aggravated by the journey process of travelling by air should obtain a medical certificate from their Doctor stating the nature of their illness and their fitness to undertake the journey they are planning which must be presented to us prior to the departure date of their flight.

Wheelchair Access:

If you, or any Customer on your booking, require a wheelchair from the check-in area to the aircraft, you must make your booking by visit Fly Baghdad website manage your booking or via Call Centre at least 24 hours prior to the intended date of travel. Please be sure to request this service before you confirm your booking. If your itinerary does not include this request we may refuse to accept you for travel.

Folding wheelchairs will be carried free of charge and in addition to the normal free. Please note that non-folding and/or electrical wheelchairs will not be accepted for carriage.
 Please note that to ensure the safety of all Customers we do restrict the number of Customers who require a wheelchair on each flight.