Where is the company address ?

Our company is located in Baghdad Karada Kharij Hurriya Square Main Street to Sedat Al-Hindia.

How Many Reservation offices?

We have two reservation offices.

Where is your reservation office?

Main reservation office is located at the company Baghdad Karada Kharij Hurriya Square Main Street to Sedat Al-Hindia .

Second reservation office inside Baghdad International Airport at the departure lounge between Babylon and Nineveh halls.

What are the working hours of reservation office?

From Saturday to Thursday 09:00 AM to 9:00 PM BGW local time.

Friday 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM.


What are the working hours of airport reservation office?

All week days
From 8:00AM – 8:00 PM.

What are the working hours of head office?

Working hours 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM.
Friday and Saturday are holiday.

Who are Fly Baghdad?

Fly Baghdad is a private Iraqi company , The company is owned by a group of Iraqi investors.

What are the available internal destinations?


How many unaccompanied luggage allowed?

One luggage is allowed for each ticket.

What is the allowed weight of the unaccompanied luggage?

15 kg weight is allowed in domestic flights and 25 international flights.

What is the number of accompanied luggage?

One luggage is allowed to be carried inside the plane.

What is the weight of the accompanied luggage?

5 kg is the allowed weight for domestic flights and 7 Kg for international flights.

How do I find out Fly Baghdad fares and departure times?

Visit www.flybaghdad.net ,

select your preferred route and dates of travel, enter the number of adults, children and infants and click on “Search flights”. You will be presented with the fare options available and departure/arrival times for your trip, if these are not suitable ,you can search for previous/next days by clicking on the date tabs at the top of the screen. Alternatively contact our Contact Center on 6666 or visit one of our sales offices.

How can I get the cheapest fare?

you need to book early for our lowest fares. We also offer regular promotions and special offers always .

How can I pay for my Fly Baghdad flight?

We are pleased to accept the following payment methods:

Qi card , Zain cash, Asia hawala, Master Card.


What if I miss my flight?

In order to offer the lowest prices, if you don’t arrive in time for your flight your booking will be cancelled and no refund .

Can I change or cancel my reservation?

You can , our fares are flexible and can be changed or cancelled before departure (fees may apply). For more details, kindly read the terms and conditions on our website www.flybaghdad.net .

What if delayed access to the boarding gate?

One of the most important goals for Fly Baghdad is the commitment to departure times and arrival of scheduled flight so in case of delay will be canceled your reservation and the ticket value Can not be refunded

Are meals included in the fare?

 Our fares include a free meal on-board

Will I be contacted in advance if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

Yes, we will contact you to advise of any delays or cancellations in advance of travel. Please ensure you provide your full contact details (including a mobile which will be available during your trip) when you book.

Do children pay full fare on Fly Baghdad?

Yes, according to the rules of international aviation, the full price of the ticket must be paid to children over the age of two years.

Is it possible for a child to travel on a Fly Baghdad without an adult?

We can not accept unaccompanied children on Fly Baghdad Flight. Children should be accompanied by a person aged 18 or over.

Do I have to book a seat for my infant?

If you are travelling with an infant aged under 2 years old they can be seated on your lap during the flight.